Monday, May 28, 2007

Sheehan About To Discover Her Real Friends

Cindy Sheehan, America's best-known war protester, is calling it quits. Three years after her son died and 22 months after gaining national attention for an uninvited camping trip to President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, Cindy is throwing in the towel. And if Cindy thinks things are bad now, she need only wait because she is about to find out who her real friends are - virtually nobody. Cindy is about to find out that she was nothing but a left-wing whore being used by the socialists in this country to advance the agenda of the old SDS. In fact, she is about to find out that those who supported her are actually glad her son died and pushed into her service as their pawn.

Zealots for all causes lack basic common sense. It's the nature of the beast. But when you claim to be humanitarian and live in a dream world where terrorists do not exist, you use whoever is convenient. And Cindy Sheehan was used by the 'hate America' crowd to advance an agenda. Now that she is no longer able to be used by the socialist johns for political pleasure, she is yesterday's bad news and will be treated as such. The left-wing in America may not have a monopoly on cruelty, but they certainly make those who attempt to think for themselves pay. If you don't believe me, just ask Teresa LePore and Charles Burton, two Democrats who tried to be fair in the Florida Recount and got tossed from office for failing to follow the marching orders of the left-wing nuts.

Perhaps Ms. Sheehan needs to call Candace Gingrich, the half sister of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Because of her lesbianism, Candace was ripe for use by the left. The moment she ceased to be of use to them, however, they set her aside. The same goes for Anita Hill. And now it's Cindy Sheehan's turn.

Cindy is upset that the Democrats have failed to end the war. Well what did she expect? The Democrats made sure not to promise anything last election - and they have done a great job at changing absolutely nothing except to increase the investigations going on in Washington. Cindy needs to remember that there is something FAR more important to the Democratic Party than how many people die in Iraq: the retention of political power. This is what makes the Democrats different from the Republicans. Democrats try the ruse about how they care about the common man and the helpless. But given a choice, they - just like their Republican counterparts - will cave in to the man who can write the check to pay for the next election. The only difference is that the Dems add hypocrisy to their initial sin of unconcern.

Every single Democrat in the race right now fears being seen as 'soft' on terrorism or national defense. So they will go along in the hopes of simply picking up the tent stakes and going home after they take the White House. The only way it will happen is if a Democrat wins with a Democratic Congress. And then we can thank them all for the $7 a gallon gasoline when terrorists take over the oil wells we abandon in Iraq. So what does that have to do with Cindy Sheehan?

I oppose the war in Iraq. I have opposed it from day one. However, never once have I called the terrorists 'freedom fighters' as did Ms. Sheehan. I suspect that this had more to do with a line one of the socialists gave her than anything else. As long as she was productive for them, she was a hero. But Cindy is about to find out the only thing more lonely than a Louisianan waiting for a rescue from Katrina is a left-wing socialist who no longer serves her master.

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